About Us


What is Humorverse? Well, to start off, it is a very funny place. Humorverse was founded in November 2009 by Doveline Media. The intent of Humorverse was to act as a collection of all the funny and entertaining videos on the internet. Although we are designed mostly for males 18-30 we do host many videos for everyone to enjoy.

It became apparent that in early 2010 there were not a lot of registrations going on. In order to counter this dilemma the development team behind Humorverse has been working hard at connecting Humorverse with the Facebook API and adding new features. Among these new features include a toolbar, a blog, random video button, chat room, and much more.

Humorverse wants to help the world laugh. We strongly believe that if everyone had a good sense of humor there would be a lot less bad stuff and a lot more good. That doesn't mean that we are hippies. However, we do plan on taking over the world by spreading laughing gas into the atmosphere. Other than that please just enjoy the site. Visit the parent company at www.dovelinemedia.com

Who are Humorverse?

Eric Royce is the owner of Humorverse and President of Doveline Media. He handles all of the marketing and minor technical/design aspects of the website. He is currently enlisted as a PV2 in the Army Reserve and is switching over to Active Duty. His experience includes 5 years of experience in the field of design and various jobs in media and marketing.

Alejandro Gurrola is the head of technology at Humorverse and the VP of Doveline Media. He currently serving 1 year Active with the Air National Guard as an AC3. His experience includes 5 years of experience with PHP and other computer languages and the operations of his own company Versidyne.

Steven James is the security advisory and server manager of Doveline Media. He has studied white and black hat methods and has taken Cisco Certification classes.

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